Rebel, with a cause

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Rebel, with a cause

There are so many amazing, virtuoso, brilliant people out there who are doing great in their respective fields. You can look at them and feel beneath, jealous, timid and lose your confidence OR take inspiration. It is so easy to give up, so easy to think you cannot do it, so easy to feel scared and worthless. But it takes plenty of cojones to stand for what you believe in, to keep doing something that you love and enjoy, to walk against the direction of the wind, to face opprobrium, and to continuously try to create an identity for yourself in this big world.

I have been a rebel and an obdurate kind of person and all these years the world tried to convince me that these are the kind of qualities I should get rid of. Over these years I started listing them under my bad qualities, right under laziness and above irresponsible. But lately, I realized that they actually deserve a respectable place in my strengths. I feel so stupid that I let the world make me believe that being rebellion and being stubborn made me a bad person.

Rebel; someone who does not obey, someone who rise in opposition.
Stubborn; someone who does not give up, difficult to move, dogged determination not to change.

You are wasting your life if you are not doing what you love, if you are not being who you are, if you are not chasing the dreams you have. You need to look for the light and then follow that path. Yeah, go ahead be a rebel, it takes fortitude to be one, to stand against the odds, to fly in the face of normalcy, to talk about things they don’t want to hear. And once you have found your art, my dear, be a stubborn heart. Deny to give up no matter how hard it gets, accept the criticism, the failures, the bruises and the pain. Work hard to keep that fire alive, that desire alive.

And most importantly, don’t apologize. Don’t apologize for your belief, for your grit, for your devotion, for being insanely frenzy about your art.
Yes, I am stubborn, yes I am a rebel, and I am proud of being one.
Who are you? or shall I ask are you happy with it?

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Look 1:
Distressed Boyfriend jeans:Roadster (Myntra)
T-shirt: (Men’s section)Lee Cooper
Leather jacket: Vero Moda
Jootis: Jaisalmer local market

Look 2:
Skirt: DIY
Crop Top: Local market
Boots:Bruno Manetti (Myntra)

Behind the lens: Chintan Suthar

Loads of Love,
Peppy Chics ❤️

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Celebrate your Individuality

In a world where people are trying to become a bellwether, try to hold on to your own individuality.
In a world where people are trying to show you the ‘Right direction’, be brave enough to explore new roads.

Hello, Beautiful people!! 😃

How have you all been?? Hope you all had a smooth end to 2016 and an amazing start to the new year. We spent the last few days of 2016 and the first few days of 2017, in the mountains. So yes it goes without saying, we had the time of our lives and that explains why have we been MIA. Sorry for being inconsistent guys, but we are still learning and we are still growing.

This being the first post of 2017, we wanted it to be something different and something empowering. We have witnessed so many new trends and experiments in the fashion world lately. There are no boundaries and no rules when it comes to dressing up or dressing down. These days, it is a lot easier to create your own style statement and go as wild and as quirky as you want to, with your outfits. We love playing around with prints, colors, accessories and footwear but like everyone else, there were times when we held ourselves back thinking we might end up looking like a fashion disaster. Yeah, self-doubt is a universal problem. But, gone are the days when we thought twice before sporting a look and that is the message we want to send across to all of you with this particular post. Whether it is about mixing two different pieces of clothes, or clubbing casual and formal in a look, or picking a completely opposite footwear with an outfit, we are game for it all. It is safe to say, that mix matching is the new trend.

So we broke all the rules and created this post to show you two ways to style denim clothes. In the first one, we picked up a denim shirt and cut it into a crop top, draped a sari around it and wore floral sneakers. To add more fun to the outfit, we used colorful bindis creating an outline on the eyebrows. Who says you cannot wear sneakers with a sari or that you cannot wear a necklace with a collared shirt?

For the second look, we went a little casual and picked a Patiala/Afghani salwar, a black crop top and a pink denim jacket with the same floral sneakers. Two pigtail, high bun or even a top knot would look kick ass with this outfit. You can pick any kind of salwar or dhoti pants, a crop top/bralette, and a jacket. We have a wide range of options available in jackets these days. A leather jacket or a bomber jacket would add some edge to the look, while a blazer would add some formal touch.

Go as bold as you want to when it comes to experimenting with your outfits. Express yourself with the clothes and the makeup. You don’t need to follow the rules in order to look good. Remember, ‘Confidence does not come when they start believing in you, it comes when you believe in yourself.’

Another fun post will be up by Wednesday, so don’t forget to come back and have a look. We hope you all have a rocking year ahead with a lot of new opportunities and learnings and success. Sending you all oodles of love and loads of hugs 😀 Big, big thank you for being such an amazing support and taking out time to read our posts. You guys motivate us to keep working hard.

Behind the Lens Chintan Suthar

We love you all,
Peppy Chics ❤️