Beach Please!!

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Beach Please!!

We stood there, captivated and mesmerized by the gorgeous sea. The waves crawling to the shore drenching the sand, and its sound beyond peaceful. The sun was going down in the water and the sky was all shades of orange 😍


We reached Kashid by 6 in the evening, a beach town on the shores of Arabian sea in Konkan region of Maharashtra. You can choose to take a boat from India Gate which will drop you at Alibaug and then can take a bus from Alibaug to Kashid. That’s a convenient and time-saving option but it remains closed during monsoon. According to google maps Kashid is only 135 Kilometers from Mumbai, but the local bus took more than 7 hours to reach there. The roads were pathetic and we were really frustrated and tired by the time we reached there, but the moment we stepped down from the bus, we could smell it in the air. You know the kind of magic you feel when you are around a river or sea? The back aching long journey started making sense. There are a lot of home stay options in Kashid. We checked out a few and walked almost a KM before finally settling for a cozy one. The one that we chose had a small lane across the street, a 200 Meter walk and we were at the beach. It literally felt like we had a private beach because there was no one around even though it was a long weekend.


Took a walk and watched the sun getting lost in the endless sea, one of the best view you can witness in your life I tell you!! It was getting dark and we were super tired, so we decided to take dinner and call it a day. Whether you are a traveler, tourist or someone who is bored with the hectic life and needs a break, Kashid is the place for you. ISOLATED, PEACEFUL AND BEAUTIFUL. Comfortable home stays, yummy food (specially fish items), relaxing at the beach, sun bathing, diving in the sea, what more can you ask for.


Woke up with the sun the next day, the sea looked so serene. Water, as far as you can see, the depth that can never be measured, the crystal clear bluish shade of sea, the wind blowing our hair, the waves crashing at our feet, the peace in the air, all of it was so majestic and mysterious, it kinda hypnotized us. I bet you cant help but fall in love with the beauty of a sea. Oh! How can i ever find words to describe the incredibility of nature. Another place that will leave you completely spellbound is Janjira Fort. The fort was originally built in the 15th century by local Maratha fishermen but was captured by the Siddis who built a much bigger and impregnable 22 acre stone fort which we see today. You can take a boat from Kashid and can reach there in around 45 minutes. We were so excited to visit the fort, can you imagine there is a fort inside the sea???? and even after centuries, it is standing still. How fascinating is that!! Unfortunately, there were high tides on the day we were there and hence no boats were sailing to the fort. Here are a few picture I found on google (No Copyrights Intended)


Coming to the clothes we wore, we played around a little with our scarfs. Lets admit it, not all of us have the curves and confidence to carry a bikini and hence this look emerged. Put on your fav pair of shorts and wrap around a scarf over your bikini. Sexy enough for a beach yet not too revealing or uncomfortable. Try it on, we are sure you would enjoy wearing it as much as we did. For the other day we picked a Floral cute dress for Manisha and I wore shorts, crop top and threw a cape over it.


Move your ass away from the crowded and noisy cities and take a dip in the sea before the weather gets too cold. Kashid is a perfect getaway from Mumbai and Pune.
Love Love,
Peppy Chics ❤️

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Struggled throughout the night, kept looking at the window waiting for the sun to come out and shine.

The darkness started to fade, I put my old torn shoes and decided to go for a walk by the sea-shore.
6 a.m. in the morning, yet the place was full of people. Couples, friends, family, tourists, everybody looked so happy and fine. A small kid selling newspapers, a man asking people if they want to click a picture and make a memory, an old man requesting passersby to get their shoes polished so he can buy himself some food.

Some boats in the sea caught my eye and suddenly I felt my world coming to a standstill. Suddenly I wanted to turn blind towards all the happy faces around me and I wanted to turn deaf towards all the conversations and laughter around me. I felt envy and rage.

Hundreds of people around me, yet I felt all alone, scared, legs trembling and body cold. A huge wave of agony came crashing towards me and I lost my balance. I did not feel sane anymore. The boats going farther away in the sea and I heard his voice. Those words that I was always afraid of hearing. His voice sharp and piercing.

‘Goodbye my love, its time for me to leave.’
and I felt my heart bleeding inside of me. I have seen movies and read books about love and heartbreak and all that pain of losing the one. But nothing can ever describe the void and misery that I feel within. Its like the lyrics left the music. Now the music is sad and incomplete for some, while for others it’s a beautiful melody.

And I stand there, wondering, what hurts more?
When a person leaves you without a single word, and you wait there at the edge of the cliff, not knowing what went wrong, why did he leave, where did he go, is he ever coming back?
OR, a person saying that most painful word, ‘Goodbye’? Is there anything good in a goodbye?

Destiny can be a bitch, I think to myself. Sure it has the power of taking apart two humans unconditionally and insanely in love with each other and throw them in two such corners of the world that they never see each other in their lives. But what it can never do is separate their hearts and souls.

I heard the words he never spoke, and cried the tears I never could. Miles and miles of sea for as far as I could look, the boats were gone, out of my sight.

‘Wherever you are, I hope you think about me just like I do’, I sighed. Closed my eyes and finally made peace with the fact that he is never coming back.

Arch ❤️