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I met a woman in the hills last year, Kind and gorgeous. She ran a small cafe and worked as a porn artist. Poured her heart out, over a cup of coffee on a winter morning. She chose to pose nude, not because how things stand, but because she enjoys that. It’s just a career choice, not her Dignity.

I saw a woman on the highway the other day, chit chatting with the truck drivers and exhaling smoke as she sipped her tea. The guys on the left giving her dirty smiles and the elders on the right looking down at her disrespectfully. It’s just a cigarette, not her identity.

There is a goth girl next door, who hangs out with a bunch of guys, gets drunk sometimes and stays out till 3. Not just the neighbors, her own family looked at her as an ignominy. It’s just an hour of the clock, not her personality.


That shy girl from my school, who fell in love with a guy from a different continent. She now shares a house with him. A human loving another human, regardless of society’s acceptability.

There is a woman I know, who was always forced to cover her body and even the face when she stepped out of her room. Years later saw her picture on a social media in sheer sari on a red bikini. She captioned ‘Hey!! It’s just a piece of cloth to cover, not a necessity’.

That woman who is always treated as untouchable every time she stepped in a Temple, Mosque or a church. She cried out one day, ‘what’s caste and creed?’ The society divided Gods in the name of religion, she dared to disagree.

There is a kick ass woman I know from work, smooth with excels and people. Loves sleeping in the jungles and waking up on mountain peaks. Often shows her indifference towards cooking and house cleaning activities. Not a good wife, they assigned the guilt when she asked her man to share the responsibilities.


A woman in my family, declared her wish for child-bearing. Her mother joyously inquired, ‘so you are ready for matrimony?’ She tried explaining, ‘A woman can choose motherhood, bridal vows are not obligatory’.

That woman who hides away from everybody like a crook. Raped in her teens, is now rejected by every male of our community. Her parents tired of defending, Somebody else’s monstrous act does not define her purity.

We live in a century where women travels to moon and other planets and here we are still judging her on the basis of the career she chooses for herself, the time she comes back home, the gender of her best friend, the number of guys she has dated, the age when she wants to marry, the inches of skin she chooses to reveal, her cooking and house cleaning skills, her decision of marriage and kids. Almost EVERYTHING.

Guide her if she is about to fall, and even if she does, sit down with her, laugh it off and help her get up. Don’t force her to follow the rules and the classification of right and wrong set by the society. You can’t always protect her, it’s not possible. Don’t expect grace and elegance out of women all the time. It’s UNFAIR. Tell them it’s okay to be goofy and messy and clumsy and that it’s okay to fall down trying to walk in those sky-high heels.

Give her the freedom to make her own choices, let her gather the courage to accept the mistakes and failures and the sagacity to learn the lessons life has to offer.

No this isn’t about feminism, this isn’t about being treated as equals, it is about accepting and loving HER, SHE, THE WOMAN OF THE SOCIETY. Whether she is slim or Fat, tall or short, has long hair or is completely bald, loves a male or a female, Sot or sober, fair or dark, coy or cocky, a housewife or ruthlessly ambitious. No matter who she is and how she chooses to lead her life, she is BEAUTIFUL and COMPLETE and she deserves to be treated with respect as much as she is expected to give respect.

She is ME,
She is YOU,
She is a Woman,
But first, a HUMAN.

Loads of Love,
Peppy Chics ❤️