Rebel, with a cause

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Rebel, with a cause

There are so many amazing, virtuoso, brilliant people out there who are doing great in their respective fields. You can look at them and feel beneath, jealous, timid and lose your confidence OR take inspiration. It is so easy to give up, so easy to think you cannot do it, so easy to feel scared and worthless. But it takes plenty of cojones to stand for what you believe in, to keep doing something that you love and enjoy, to walk against the direction of the wind, to face opprobrium, and to continuously try to create an identity for yourself in this big world.

I have been a rebel and an obdurate kind of person and all these years the world tried to convince me that these are the kind of qualities I should get rid of. Over these years I started listing them under my bad qualities, right under laziness and above irresponsible. But lately, I realized that they actually deserve a respectable place in my strengths. I feel so stupid that I let the world make me believe that being rebellion and being stubborn made me a bad person.

Rebel; someone who does not obey, someone who rise in opposition.
Stubborn; someone who does not give up, difficult to move, dogged determination not to change.

You are wasting your life if you are not doing what you love, if you are not being who you are, if you are not chasing the dreams you have. You need to look for the light and then follow that path. Yeah, go ahead be a rebel, it takes fortitude to be one, to stand against the odds, to fly in the face of normalcy, to talk about things they don’t want to hear. And once you have found your art, my dear, be a stubborn heart. Deny to give up no matter how hard it gets, accept the criticism, the failures, the bruises and the pain. Work hard to keep that fire alive, that desire alive.

And most importantly, don’t apologize. Don’t apologize for your belief, for your grit, for your devotion, for being insanely frenzy about your art.
Yes, I am stubborn, yes I am a rebel, and I am proud of being one.
Who are you? or shall I ask are you happy with it?

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Look 1:
Distressed Boyfriend jeans:Roadster (Myntra)
T-shirt: (Men’s section)Lee Cooper
Leather jacket: Vero Moda
Jootis: Jaisalmer local market

Look 2:
Skirt: DIY
Crop Top: Local market
Boots:Bruno Manetti (Myntra)

Behind the lens: Chintan Suthar

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Peppy Chics ❤️