About Us

Manisha and Archana, the crazy duo responsible for all the ‘Awe’some stuff you see on this blog 😉
As kids, we loved playing dress up. As women, we love stealing the spotlight wherever we go.

Caught up in a 9 to 5 corporate world, unable to suppress the love for fashion is how ‘Peppy Chics‘ came into existence. Setting #Sister Goals all over and exploring parts and people of the world are our fav hobbies! We love devoting our time and energies in nature and wildlife conservation as and when possible.

Fashion to us is ‘all about being bold enough to experiment with your looks’.
It’s an art and everyone has got their own way of showcasing it to the world. We hold no degree in fashion and are not brand-centric when it comes to styling. Anything and everything that catches our eye makes its way to our closet. We have our unique way of spicing up the outfits and here we are sharing our worlds with you all through this blog.

Archana: Known to bring out the wild and crazy side in people. When am not stuck in office, i either read or write about the beautiful human emotions. On some days, i just want to put on a sexy dress, high heels, wear bright colour on my lips and rock the dance floor, on others i wish to quit everything and keep roaming in the woods and over the mountains in my PJ’s and messy hair. Obsessed with desserts and cheese, too lazy to workout and still pray to look hot! Yeah, i am that funny. I possess a special talent of spilling food all over my clothes, EVERY SINGLE DAY without fail (keep safe distance).

Manisha: Known to spoil people by showering too much love and affection. Everyday seems like Monday to me when am at work. Still struggling to decide; which one do i love more: eating or cooking! One of my missions of life is to try and keep my little sister sane. I am almost ALWAYS out of poses and expressions when am in front of a camera. Have a potential career in the fields of sarcasm and humour. Am obsessed with nail paints and spend hours trying to make my nails look perfect, yet somehow always manage to spoil even the dried up paint.