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Ready for Navratri

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Woke up yesterday, saw the calendar hanging in front of us and suddenly realized its just 2 days to go for Navratri. With so much happening lately, we totally forgot to go for navratri shopping this year. Opened the cupboard and spent the entire day searching what to wear for the coming festival.


Ohh! did we forget to greet you all???
Hello beautiful people!! Hope the week is treating you fine 😘
We know we are super late but here we are with a new post about how to fix your navratri look at the last minute and still manage to stand out in the crowd (Just like we did). But before starting anything else, THANK YOU SO MUCH for reading and appreciating our first blog. We received such positive and heart warming feedback 😃 Love you all ❤️.

For all those who are not aware about the grand Navratri festival, let us give you a little brief about it. Navratri, is one of the most popular festivals of Indian culture and is celebrated all across India and even in some other parts of the world. This festival is dedicated to the Hindu Deity, Durga. The word ‘Navratri’ is derived from Sanskrit language and it means ‘Nine nights’. For the next nine days and nights, the Indians would be dancing, celebrating and worshiping 9 different forms of goddess Durga.


So most of you would not know that we were born and brought up in the state of Gujarat. And even though the festival is celebrated enthusiastically all across the country, the energy of Gujarat during this time is just unbelievable. No matter from which part of world you are, you just can’t escape the navratri fever if you are in Gujarat during this time of the year. People literally spend months in shopping and preparing for this festival. In the coming days we will see people dressed in colorful traditional outfits of Gujarat, playing garba(The traditional gujarati dance form) on folk beats. The best part is the way people dress up in their unique ways. The outfits, the accessories, the zeal with which people dance for hours non stop, everything about this festival is fascinating and beautiful.

Coming back to the post, like we said we did not get any time to prepare for navratri this year and hence we ended up creating 2 very simple looks which can be fixed at the last minute. We are sure, a lot of you must be struggling with the same anxiety of ‘what to wear’ and just like we promised earlier, here we are sharing our ideas that would come to your rescue at the time of crisis 😉


In the first one, we paired up a printed dhoti pant with a bell sleeved crop top. The outfit is very easy and light to carry which is an important point to keep in mind as you would be dancing A LOT. Moreover, it looks a little off beat as most girls would be dressed in Chaniya choli (long skirts and different style of crop tops). Traditional yet stylish and chic, this look is apt for girls who like us are not too good in managing heavy traditional clothes. With chokers being the Fav accessory of the season, we picked up a silver thick choker with matching earrings to pair with our outfit. Again, to give more edge to the look we wore a chunky head gear (Maang tikka) and a small nose ring. A nice head gear will definitely steal all the attention in a subtle look like this and that is what we aimed at. Adding further to the whole traditional touch, we finished the look with silver bangles, colorful jootis and brown leather sling bag.


For the second one, we decided to pair something with a black denim, so Archana made this pretty backless choli (crop top). The colorful straps and the back of the choli are the highlights here. You can either buy or design a choli (crop top) in a funky pattern to create some drama in the otherwise regular outfit. Keeping the accessory game strong, we picked a big necklace, beautiful nose ring and armlets. Another major focus of this look was the makeup. Tie up your hair and wear winged eye liner for some sizzle. Use an eyeliner to create tribal designs on your back/neck/arms as tattoos and make small dots on the chin, around the eyes and on the forehead (as a bindi). These small things helps you get a desi look without putting in too much efforts. Finally for the footwear we picked a bright yellow kolhapuri flats.


Experiment with your outfits and accessories, flaunt your curves, make heads turn, dance till you are out of breath and click a lot of pictures. You are about to experience a roller coaster ride of positive energy and happy vibe. Hope this post will help you for the last-minute plans. Let us know how did you find our ideas and also, we would love to know what did you wear for Garba 2016. Have tons of fun people.

Loads of love,
Peppy Chics ❤️

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The Palazzo love

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Helloooooooooooo World!!
Okay! sorry for sounding too excited, but how can we not be excited? It is the FIRST blog by Peppy Chics!!!! Hope you are having a great weekend and a BIG thank you for reading this. We have been working since months to set up everything and here we are finally sharing our blog with you guys. Being a beginner, we have tried to keep this post pretty simple and basic.

Like we all know, Palazzos are totally ruling the fashion world currently. The pants are both stylish and comfortable at the same time and we love how it is so easy to use them in almost all kinds of attire whether it’s casual or formal or a little on the traditional Indian side. In this post we tried creating 3 different everyday chic looks with a white palazzo pant.


For those last minute plans when you don’t have much time to dress up but also wish to look good, just pick a pair of palazzo and team it up with a top/shirt, wear basic makeup, put on some accessories, and flats/gladiator and you are done. For the first one, we paired the palazzo with a floral top tucked in, added oxidised bracelet on the wrist, a chunky black ring, a nose ring and a kada on the ankle and finished the look with kolhapuri chappals. You can make the outfit more fun by mixing different prints. We also recommend this look for semi formal. Just grab a nice formal shirt and a palazzo, tie up your hair in a bun, put on a watch and heels and there you go.


Well, who says ethnic is boring? For the second one, we paired the palazzo with anarkali kurti to create an ethnic vibe which is suitable for small family gatherings. We kept the colors to basic, black on white and finished the look with small colorful jhumkis, a bindi and brown leather jutis. The artistic leather handbag contributes to the desi look. You can wear a long pakistani style kurti as well. You can further experiment by adding more accessories, depending upon the occasion or by wearing a racer back kurti to spice up the whole ethnic outfit.


For the last one, we picked a mulberry colored turtle neck T-shirt, wide stretch waist belt and the same leather jutis. We love creating edgy looks by adding a pinch of Indianness in basic clothes, so for accessories we picked a broad neck piece, jhumki style earnings and a maang tika. This outfit can be carried to work by replacing a printed scarf with the accessories and the jutis with heels or formal shoes.


Hope you guys enjoyed reading this post. We would love to hear from you, so don’t forget to share your suggestions and feedback in the comments below 🙂

Loads of love,
Peppy Chics ❤️